Web Design, Domain Registration, Hosting, Promotion

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 Web Design, Domain Registration, Hosting, Promotion

Everything you need to get your business online

Webways have been in the business of developing and promoting business web sites since 1996.

From basic one-page sites to multi-page, multi product online shops we have the expertise to develop a solution to meet the needs of our clients and their customers. We offer the complete package – design, domain registration, hosting and promotion.

Whether you need a new web site built, or have an existing site that needs a face lift and features added,
we can help. 

WordPress and HTML Website development
Website maintenance and updates
E-Commerce integration

Payment gateway integration

Social network integration

Domain registration



SSL installation

CDN integration

Website security software installation

Cloudflare integration

 Web Design

Webways offer a professional web design service tailored to you.

Whether you are looking for a short introduction to your business, a WordPress CMS Website or a full e-commerce enabled site, we can help.

After an initial discussion or meeting where we discuss your ideas for the content and make our own suggestions, we put together a sample that you can review to make sure that we have fully understood your vision. Once you are happy with the general layout and appearance, we get on with it!

Below are a few of our recent website developments.

For information or a no-obligation quote please contact us.

Webways WordPress Website Development
Webways WordPress Website Development
Webways WordPress Website Development
Webways WordPress Website Design
Webways WordPress Website Development
Webways WordPress Website Development

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Terms and Conditions

Webways Marketing General Terms and Conditions

All prices are subject to confirmation at time of placing order. Your instruction to proceed with our services (written or oral) constitutes an agreement between us and signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

In the event that the final project specification differs from the specification against which the project was originally costed, or the specification changes during development, Webways Marketing will advise you of any cost implications at the time the situation arises, and seek your approval prior to carrying out the work.

Unless agreed otherwise, payment of 50% of the project cost is required before work can begin (deposit), balance upon completion. This deposit is non-refundable and the deposit percentage paid represents a percentage deposit for each element of the order.

Orders for promotion / SEO products are payable at time of order. Once promotion / SEO work has started this payment is non-refundable.

Work on the project can only commence once all relevant text, images and other necessary files / data have been supplied by the customer and in line with any development dates advised by us. Costs arising as a result of any domain name and / or hosting transfers that may be necessary to complete the project are not included unless specified otherwise in this costing.

Charges for domain registration are made on the basis that domains will be available at the time the deposit is made. All HTML, coding, images and other files created by Webways Marketing and forming part of the completed web site become the property of the client upon full settlement, until which time they remain the sole property of Webways Marketing. Any coding that is under the copyright of Webways Marketing, or any other party, prior to inclusion in a website development retains its original copyright.

Settlement of fees due for hosting, domain registration and any third party services are required at time of placing order. Any discounts or free services offered by Webways Marketing on the basis of volume or value are made available once settlement of the relative invoices has been made.

Search engine position results are subject to the algorithms and criteria put in place by the relevant search engine organisation. These organisations can change their algorithms and criteria at any time without notice. Consequently Webways Marketing cannot guarantee the search engine position of websites we develop or modify and accept no liability or responsibility for such.

Webways Marketing does not accept any responsibility for the suitability or function of third party software or templates. Webways Marketing may make recommendations based on experience and / or documentation, however the final decision as to the suitability and use of third party software or templates rests with the customer. Webways Marketing does not provide free support for any third party software or scripts unless specified otherwise in our order confirmation.

Development work carried out by Webways Marketing carries a 90 day warranty, commencing from the date of the final invoice, unless agreed otherwise in writing. Any claims against this warranty must be received by us in writing within this 90 day warranty period.

Responsibility for the accuracy and content of any and all information contained within, or relating to, the web site and / or services rests with the customer. Whilst information supplied by the customer is published in good faith, Webways Marketing and its representatives cannot accept any liability for any content or errors contained therein. Webways Marketing will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the website content complies with rules and guidelines for web hosting with our service / service providers in the UK and / or USA (depending on the location of the service provider at the time the web hosting is organised). In the event that the service provider subsequently advises that the content is unsuitable, Webways Marketing will make reasonable efforts to find an alternative web hosting solution, but are not responsible for any costs or losses that may be incurred as a result of changing the web hosting provider. Our entire liability under any circumstances whatsoever shall be limited to the amount actually paid by you for our services. No liability is accepted for consequential loss and / or damages. Webways Marketing does not accept any liability from the use or inability to use the web site and / or services.

Domain Registration, Hosting and Renewals

Webways Marketing will endeavour to remind clients when services are due for renewal however it is the clients responsibility to ensure that renewal dates are met. Webways Marketing does not accept any responsibility or liability resulting from failure to meet renewal dates.

We reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions at any time.